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  • Our May, 2014 couple, Tosin & Koye had a celebrity themed wedding @ 10 degrees, Oregun Lagos. The wedding had in attendance, bigwigs of Lagos celebrity circuit. White cap chiefs, former deputy governor of Lagos.  
  • Texture and Timbre: Photography and Sound

  • As John Cage would have it, the spaces between the notes are equally as important as the notes themselves in creating the sonic texture of a piece of music. In Joséphine Michel’s photographs many of the recognisable, or one might say figurative, details are virtually bleached out, remaining only as pallid traces and, a[...]
  • DIY Photography

  • Now, you really don’t have to struggle in the darkroom to learn the ropes of how to take great photos. That is because the lessons of photography have gone online too. Ten blogs – that’s minuscule compared to the great photography blog sites out there. Just like the art of photography, there is a great variety in the n[...]